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To arrange a collection please complete the form below.

Please note that this facility is only operational between the hours of 08h00 and 17h00 (South Africa time)

Therefore for any after hours requests please contact one of the following:

+27(11) 803 9993

+27(82) 872 7021

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Sameday Services - Nationwide

Request a Collection Form

Please remember that only bona fide account holders will have a collection effected.

Furthermore once a collection request has been submitted it can only be considered having been effected once you have confirmation of the request from The Courier Link.

Failing this please contact our offices (or after hours numbers) directly to arrange the collection.

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Shipment Details

Number of Pieces
Actual Mass (kg)
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Description of Contents
Service Type Sameday: In-City
Sameday: Inter City
Overnight by 08h30
Overnight by 11h00
Budget Cargo
Special Service Requirements

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Express Overnight Deliveries

If you are in any doubt as to our service parameters or the costs applicable to our various courier services please call our offices on 011-803 9993 for more clarity. (International +27(11)8039993)