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Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Express Courier Services - SA

Same Day Courier Services

Same Day Courier & Express Door-to-Door Delivery Services

Same Day Courier
For those very time sensitive requirements, this service will dispatch any size of shipment (from documents to drums of cable) to anywhere in the country, the same day.

Furthermore, this service is available 24/7 (including weekends & public holidays) - we'll do what it takes to get your parcel delivered on time no matter whether it's a birthday gift or a part for a line stoppage.

We understand that if it needs to go the same day it is urgent and time is of the essence...

Same Day Courier - Intercity & Local Courier Services

Our Sameday Services include both Intercity Sameday Services (countrywide) and Local Sameday Services which is an in-city sameday delivery service collecting and deliverying anything from an urgent envelope to a large consignment of industrial machinary.

This is how we will attend to your request...

  • Upon receiving your request for a collection a driver will be dispatched directly to uplift your shipment.

  • Your shipment will either be driven directly to the consignee or directly to the airport to be lodged on the next available flight.

  • Our driver at the receiving airport will be notified of the flight details and will be on standby to clear the shipment and deliver directly to the consignee

  • Once we have confirmation of delivery you will be contacted with the POD (Proof Of Delivery) details
Key Benefits
  • Sensitivity
    - Constant monitoring of your shipment from collection until delivery
  • Service Excellence
    - whether time is of the essence or economy is the focus shipments are monitored all the way and delivered within the promised time frame
  • Freight Handling
    - this unique operation ensures that handling is kept to a minimum with the benefit of reducing the possibility of damage, theft and/or miss routing (which can lead to lengthy delays)
  • Accessibility
    - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year availability
  • Capabilities
    - with our vast range of resources we are able to reach every corner within the borders (and overborder) of South Africa on a SAME DAY basis whether it is an urgent tender document or a truck load of computer equipment that needs to be delivered.
  • Flexibility
    - whilst the normal range of courier services is offered our operation can be tailored to suit a particular need
  • Safe Hands
    - a 'safe hands' service is available for those extremely fragile and sensitive shipments.

and we also specialise in...

Express Overnight Deliveries

Please contact our offices on 011-803 9993 (International +27[11]8039993) or get an online courier quote or a courier needs assessment for all your Sameday Courier requirements.