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Tuesday, 20 February 2018

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Specialised Freight Services

Special Courier & Transport Services

Specialised Courier Services
SOS - Specialised Courier & Freight Operations Services for those type of shipments that do not conform to the normal courier suite of services.

These type of shipments could be classified as extremely urgent after hours shipments requiring standby drivers in the middle of the night, for example, or shipments of an extremely large or fragile and sensitive nature, such as scientific measuring equipment that requires special handling.

An example of on of these time sensitive types of shipments could be a part required to prevent a line stoppage that needs to be sent by air freight in the evening from Port Elizabeth, for example, to be collected from OR Tambo in the early hours of the morning and delivered to the motor assemply plant (eg Nissan) in Rosslyn before 07h00 to ensure that the assembly line is not stopped.

So no matter how large or sensitive your shipment is, we can provide flexibility to ensure that your parcels get delivered...

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Sameday Services Nationwide

SOS - Special Freight Services & Operations

For your special service requirements...

Dependant on the size of the shipment we will allocate the appropriate resource in terms of cost and timing requirements

After agreeing on cost and transit time, your shipment will be uplifted and transported as agreed

Your shipment will be monitored and any deviation in timing or other will be communicated to you to minimise any potential delays

Key Benefits

  • Sensitivity
    - Constant monitoring of your shipment from collection until delivery
  • Service Excellence
    - whether time is of the essence or economy is the focus shipments are monitored all the way and delivered within the promised time frame
  • Freight Handling
    - this unique operation ensures that handling is kept to a minimum with the benefit of reducing the possibility of damage, theft and/or miss routing (which can lead to lengthy delays)
  • Accessibility
    - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year availability
  • Capabilities
    - with our vast range of resources we are able to reach every corner within the borders (and overborder) of South Africa on a SAME DAY basis whether it is an urgent tender document or a truck load of computer equipment that needs to be delivered.
  • Flexibility
    - whilst the normal range of courier services is offered our operation can be tailored to suit a particular need
  • Safe Hands
    - a 'safe hands' service is available for those extremely fragile and sensitive shipments.

and we also specialise in...

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Please contact our offices on 011-803 9993 (International +27[11]8039993) or get an online courier quote or a courier needs assessment for all your Special Courier and Delivery requirements.